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 Citadel Rules

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Should Citadel be mandatory?
Citadel Rules Vote_lcap23%Citadel Rules Vote_rcap
 23% [ 3 ]
Citadel Rules Vote_lcap8%Citadel Rules Vote_rcap
 8% [ 1 ]
Only to mantain upkeep/Avatar
Citadel Rules Vote_lcap69%Citadel Rules Vote_rcap
 69% [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 13

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PostSubject: Re: Citadel Rules   Citadel Rules Icon_minitimeOctober 17th 2013, 3:05 pm

Only to maintain upkeep/avatar, but avid capping shouldn't go unrewarded.
That means don't be lazy guys :3 It's free xp!
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel Rules   Citadel Rules Icon_minitimeOctober 26th 2013, 5:09 am

As the new God and overseer of our great Citadelgrad, I will be looking to maintain an efficient capping quota. As long as we meet upkeep each week, there shall be no problems. HOWEVER, just meeting upkeep shan't get us very far in terms of citadel progression. Fundamentally, I want to have us a tier 7 citadel one day. This is only achievable by willing, committed clan members capping week in, week out. I intend to use a system of locking plots upon reaching the upkeep needed at the individual plots. Once we have hit upkeep level at ALL plots, the plots shall unlock by default. This allows us to then work towards upgrades whilst ensuring that we do not get surplus in certain areas and not enough in others. 

I hope to see plenty of capping from everybody and hope that we can achieve great things with it! Last thing I want to have to do is look to bring in compulsory capping for everybody. I would hope that senior ranks will be the first to cap, thus setting the examples for the lower ranks of the clan.

Campo32 - Forum Mod and God of Citadelgrad
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PostSubject: Re: Citadel Rules   Citadel Rules Icon_minitime

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Citadel Rules
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