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PostSubject: CLAN REPORT   CLAN REPORT Icon_minitimeNovember 2nd 2013, 10:01 pm


"I like cheese" - Darth Blayde

"Rome wasn't built in a day" - Some guy who had good observation skills

Well folks, it is time for me, Campo32, to compile my first report.

I suppose I ought to start off by telling you what these will contain. I intend to cover the overall progress of the clan, monitor the intake of new members, lay out what I have planned for the Citadel, and put across my view of the current state of affairs. Also, if anyone wants to have anything of theirs feature in here, whether it be an advert for an event they wish to host, or an article of their own, please PM me via the forum.

Clan Overview

Well, I think everyone who reads this and is in the clan/has guested in the clan will join with me in saying that we have a very active, social, friendly clan chat with the odd bits of drama here and there. Drama though, comes with any clan. We have far less drama than most though, I am pleased to say. Furthermore, the FlipChat Bossing Team is proving to be a big hit, especially due to it not being solely restricted to clan members but instead open to anyone with forum access. 

I think it is important to mention a couple of promotions that were handed out within the clan by our great leader James to BilboBagless and Jamesthera who have been promoted to sergeants! Also, I wish to express my congratulations to Herbcall and Mylilangel on becoming admins! Keep up the fantastic work, folks.

On a brief note, we currently stand at a great 84 members!! We are constantly on the up with regards to clan numbers and the future certainly looks promising. Make sure to recruit all your friends! 

Citadel Report

I am pleased to say an abundance of you capped last week! This is fantastic to see and now the tick has past, a lot more of you are going to be eligible to cap this week and I sincerely hope you follow the trend by capping yourselves. After all, it may be wise to note that without a strong base of cappers, we CANNOT ever achieve a Tier 7 citadel.

I have set our weekly resource target to 20,000 timber MINIMUM. I hope we can achieve even more than this though and look forward to seeing our total fly up. The 20,000 will get us a lot of excess, but will allow me to get us minor upgrades in addition to our major upgrades.


  • Mining Plot
  • A new wall pattern
  • Other things to be decided subject to how many resources we get

Admin+ Meeting Summary

This section shall, upon the beginning of the Admin+ meetings, be filled. Until then this section shall remain unused and merely have "N/A" placed under it.

Clan members' section

N/A - If you wish to have something in here, PM me via this forum!

That folks, wraps up this week's clan report. It is far from interesting this time around, but rest assured I shall be looking to make it a fun, enjoyable and entertaining read for you all.

Signed: Campo32 - God of Citadelgrad and FCBT Bossing Captain
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