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 Clan Rule Amendment - Malicious Trolling

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Clan Rule Amendment - Malicious Trolling Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rule Amendment - Malicious Trolling   Clan Rule Amendment - Malicious Trolling Icon_minitimeNovember 18th 2013, 2:48 am

Hello all! Herb here Smile

I'm posting to state a new rule, that I would like to see followed... Not only by those under my rank, but preferentially, those above it as well.

In clan chat, as has been stated, anything goes as far as what you can say. Of course, offensive comments does cross the line. Considering that, I would specifically like to see most forms of "Trolling" to come to an end. By most, I basically mean anything more extreme or hurtful than calling someone a 'Noob' (for example).

Though this may sound a bit much, I have two reasons why this should be put into effect.

We are a community. People, players, like yourselves, put fourth countless hours into this game and hope to find enjoyment in it. Part of that motivation, comes from the community and relationships that are developed within the game. In the Flipchat1 Clan, we aim to foster an environment where people can share some margins with people they trust, and have a blast with whatever else we do together. We want this to be a place for player to want to come, based on what they hear about how we help others, and work to grow our in-game skills, as a group. And finally, how we're a simply nice bunch, that doesn't attempt to put others down for different situation, life stages, ages, skill levels, etc.

Due to the fact that there are people of all stages of life, in our clan, we want to respectful. As has been proven out, time and time again, not everyone catches on to "Trolling" as fast as others do. The last thing that we want to be known for, is a group of people who tore someone down, simply based on a misunderstanding. Even 1 hurt person, does make a difference.

This proposition certainly doesn't cut out, even the slightest majority, of our fun! We simply wish to mitigate against the already plentiful and malicious "Fun", found everywhere else in the game. Strive to build each other up, rather than rip them down.

Happy Flipping/Boss hunting!

king Herb
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Clan Rule Amendment - Malicious Trolling
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